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Swyss IT AG is a Data & AI solution company based in Switzerland
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While having a focus on Data & AI, we can provide the whole package


*Data & AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data have become huge buzz words in recent years and impressive results have demonstrated the capabilities of the related technologies. However, they represent only the tip of the iceberg. We understand AI and data holistically including:


    • Causal Inference
    • Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)
    • Robotics
    • Optimization
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    • Computer Vision
    • Rule based systems
    • Recommender systems
  • Cloud

We view the cloud as a powerful tool to accelerate and modernize your business, enabling improved  collaboration and a sharper focus on core activities. 

  • Software

We provide the full end-to-end software development process from the initial understanding of the customers problem, and how users can benefit from a new or modified software product. This doesn’t mean that features cannot be added in the future. 

  • DevOps

For us, DevOps is a comprehensive methodology that aims to strengthen collaboration, communication and exchange between development and operations. We strive to create an agile and customer-focused work culture that increases both product quality and speed in software development and deployment.

  • Business Agillity

Traditional agile companies help organisations to compete in the digital age by responding to market changes. Swyss IT takes a step forward and helps to predict the disruptions by employing advanced AI and Data capabilities that we develop.

  • Change Management

Achieving full potential and intended outcomes from implementing changes within the organisation – from new data strategy to full-scale adoption of AI-based solutions within every department can be a challenging endeavour. Success depends on how well we plan and manage the people aspect of change.

About Us

Our people are our biggest asset.

Human centric thinking is in the heart of all we do. Our mission is to create value with data while having a positive impact on society and environment.

Together with our 25+ great people we enable companies from various industries to unlock their data potential, from biotech to banking. Since 2017, several multinational customers trusted us with more than 48+ projects and counting!